• I find Jason Turtel's abstracts inspiring. I find his use of primary colours and his use of paint drips to be passionately flagrant and unique. I'm equally thrilled by his portraits, which I find unconventional and yet dramatically reflective of his subjects.

    - Shelley Spinner

  • ‘’Jason Turtel has great vision, and a unique inspiration in his artwork. In the projects I’ve commissioned, it has been really easy getting from my idea, to a finished piece of art. He listened to my input and took things to the next level. ‘’

    - Adam Drandoff

  • ‘’Jason Turtel channels his cross-media creative drive into a wide array of art styles. This is displayed in his tattoo designs, portraits, and abstract acrylic paintings. Turtel also has a passion for Asian art. He continues to surprise through his artistic permutations."

    - Valerie H. Adelson

  • I’ve been collecting Jason Turtel’s paintings and drawings since 1992. His work has a fresh and unique style. He is an excellent artist, always striving to get better. His passion for creating works of art is unsurpassed.

    - Marc Desatnick

  • Jason Turtel’s artwork stands alone among other artists. His work is raw and polished at the same time.He puts his heart and soul into his drawings and paintings. I’ve been collecting his work since 1987.

    - Craig Lerner

  • "Jason’s undeniably unique fresh style is intoxicating. His lines are unwavering. His confidence in his work is ironclad. His eye for color is amazing. His style is wild and shattering!"

    - Caryn Mohan

  • ‘’Turtel’s abstract paintings breathe new life into my home. His timeless works of art are a result of brilliant creativity and vision’’

    - Jennifer Engel Fisher

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